Cross Stitching by Kristen

Cross Stitching by Kristen

Something new that I started to get into this year was cross stitching. I had previously done some embroidery work when I was in a high school, but I hadn’t otherwise done anything like it in years.

After collecting a ton of Pins and gathering ideas for things that I could cross stitch that would be “cool”, I finally got started. My first project; the red mushroom from Super Mario. It was a small and simple enough pattern to start with. Since the background was already white, I saved time on white stitching.

For my next project, I asked my boyfriend Chris, “What could I make you? What would you like to see?”
After discussing a few ideas, we agreed on Mega Man. I had seen a few simple patterns already, plus I figured Chris must of liked him since he owns and wears a shirt with Mega Man on it, quite regularly I might add. Mega Man turned out alright, but I am definitely still trying to figure out stitching patterns.

I worked on a few little projects here and there and I even started a bigger project for Chris, but the third project I completed was a birthday gift for my sister. She loves Harry Potter, so when I found this simple pattern ages ago, I thought it would make a perfect and simple gift – not to mention, it was quick and easy to make. To finish off the look of a gift, I also tagged it with a white piece of floss and a small card for the recipient. It was personalized, and made for a perfect gift.

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