Crockpot Chick Fajitas


  • 5 Chicken breast
  • 1 green, red, yellow and orange pepper
  • 1 yellow onion
  • Can of diced tomatoes
  • Fajita seasoning
  • Garlic cloves



Start by slicing the onions and peppers into, really, whatever size you want – you’re the one who has to eat them. I usually have slices but sometimes I cut those in half too. Don’t put it all into the crockpot yet. To build this work of art, you want to start with the onion. At least half of your onion should be covering the bottom of the crockpot, followed up by a layer of half of your peppers. I usually just chop the onion and peppers in half and then work layer by layer – but feel free to slice ‘em up all at once and do you! Amongst all of this, add a few gloves of garlic (however much you feel appropriate – garlic preferences can vary); alternatively, add garlic power or minced garlic to taste.

Once you’ve got your layers of the essential vegetables, as well as the flavouring of garlic, it’s time for the chicken. Basically you just cover the chicken breast in the fajita seasoning and then layer the chick on top of the onion and peppers.

On top of that, a layer of diced tomatoes, (I usually just grab a can, but you can be fancy). Once you’ve got all this done, add your top layers of onions and peppers to the crockpot, in no particular order – the reminder usually makes up a nice full layer on top.

On top of this, feel free to add any additional seasoning that you see fit. Then, just throw on a lid and let it cook on high for at least 4 – 5 hours.

When complete, you’ll have to mix it up real well and possibly shred some chicken – that being said, the longer you cook it and stir it, the more the chicken will shred itself (less work for you). Then, grab yourself a tortilla and spread on some salsa, sour cream, avocado or all of the above. Grab a scoop, fork-full or hand-full (if you live dangerously) of the glorious mess of fajitas-in-a-crockpot that you have created. On top of that, if you know what’s up, you’ll add some cheese.







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