Slutty Salmon

Is that an inappropriate title? Not for this dish. “Slutty Salmon” is exactly how I would describe this really simple recipe.


Let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of fish. Period. Growing up, I’m pretty sure I found any excuse not to eat it. Into my twenties; however, I grew up and started trying other types of food. I was in a relationship where I found myself eating at a parent’s house, at least once a week. I didn’t want to be the picky one, like when I was a kid, so I always ate whatever was served for dinner – whatever it was, I would at least try it. That being said, once in a while, this meant salmon on a cedar plank on the barbecue – yummy! I think at first I was made a hamburger as an alternative, but eventually I tried it and fell in love!

Ferah and Mike have made it a couple of times as well, so I’ve had it here and there for a while now; but, i’ve always been very intimidated to actually cook it myself – I honestly thought it was way more work. To be fair, if I had to fish for the salmon myself, or even do the work of de-boning it, I would be useless – that would be way too much work for me. The easy route for me? I just head to Costco, and grab myself the biggest slab of boneless salmon they have – head home and get to work.

You will need:

  • 1 slab of boneless salmon (whichever size you’d prefer)
  • Minced garlic
  • Salted butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cayenne pepper (or Paprika, if you’d prefer)
  • Garlic salt


What to do:

The easy explanation is to almost literally throw everything together and chuck it in the oven. The more detailed version is; preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Lay a layer of foil down on top of a baking sheet, making sure to fold the edges up ever so slightly. TIP: you want the baking sheet to have a lip – butter may leak.

If you get the easy Costco – style salmon, like me, then lay your salmon down on top of your foil. In a separate bowl, mix all your seasoning with mostly melted, kind of still-soft butter. As for the amounts, it’s really up to you and your flavouring preference. The purpose of my mixture is to get that garlic-buttery flavour with a small kick (the cayenne). I typically use about half a stick of butter to start, but again it depends on the size of my salmon. That could give or take.

I throw the butter on in the microwave for about 30 seconds from the fridge – as mentioned above, enough to get it mostly melted, but still, kind of soft. Then throw in all your seasoning – again to your taste preference. I’d say I’m pretty heavy on the salt, and garlic salt, but I’d only average about a tablespoon for the rest, give or take. Mix it all in the melty butter and then pour it all over your salmon.

Wrap the tinfoil from the bottom up and around the salmon – or if you had a big enough piece of tinfoil, fold your tinfoil around the salmon. If you’re like me – big piece of salmon, smaller piece of tinfoil – just cover the top with another layer of tinfoil. You basically want your slutty salmon wrapped in a blanket of tinfoil to keep in all the juicy garlic-butter flavour – however you do that is fine by me.


Cook it for about 23-30 minutes, at least – but again, depends on your salmon size selection. Please adjust accordingly. When it’s done, I serve it with rice and pour some extra butter all over the top, salt it up and have at ‘er. Delicious! Also good with asparagus, but you do you.



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