The Wedding Journal – Part 1

June 6th, 2019

On Wednesday May 29th, Chris asked me (Kristen) if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course, after no seconds of hesitation I said yes. He is my best friend, my teammate, my rock, and we are very ready to start a family together. As such, ‘Ferah and Kristen’ need to get to work planning this wee event! We’ve decided to keep track of our new and exciting adventure together in the form of a Wedding Journal – right here!
[Stay tuned for all of the latest updates; pictures, planning and more!]

The Proposal:
I knew he was going to ask – we had talked about it previously. At the beginning of the month, his parents came to visit and his mother brought her original engagement ring with her. It wasn’t the prettiest band, but it did contain a small .17 carrot diamond that could be repurposed. While they were down visiting, we went to their family jeweller and got our fingers sized. They traded in some gold to pay for the ring and then we picked out a simple design for the engagement ring, a matching wedding band and then a ring specifically suited for Chris. We don’t have matching wedding bands, which I really like since we are different humans, all the same.
We took extra care getting ready to head out to Fort Erie to visit one of our favourite sushi places for dinner – Yukiguni. Off we went to the quiet restaurant for the best dinner ever! We arrived and found ourselves in the company of all but two whole other tables of guests. We quickly filled out the paper for all we could eat sushi and then after our drinks came and while we waited for our food, Chris proposed. He took out the jewellery box that that contained all three of our rings. He said that I was the other half he didn’t know that he was looking for and asked me if I wanted to start a family with him. Yes, yes – 1000 times YES!

The Announcement:
It’s 2019! Hours after things became official, I headed to Instagram to share a few of our pictures from the wonderful evening. I figured it was a fair and very 2019-way to announce the engagement – it’s not like people talk on the phones anymore or we have time to wait for the mail to send you the message from ‘across the land’. We told a few people ahead of time, but only people that we interact with on a daily basis; who’s paths had crossed ours since Chris’ parents visit. We aren’t planning on a long engagement – the reception is already planned for September 7th of this year, about three months from now. That leaves no time for “Save The Dates”, though most people know the date at this point though. Those that don’t will be informed very soon – our invitations are already written up and just an edit or two away from being finalized. The goal was to get them out within these two weeks – this being week one.
But now, at least we know that the message is out.

The Plan:
Today, Ferah and I started our day out at the mall – the planning begins! We went to Marshall’s in search of wedding things; boxes for cards, guestbook alternatives, planners – whatever, we wanted ideas! After that, we headed to Starbucks for a good old Best Friend date where we started to get things organized: what things to we need to do to plan for this big day?!
A guest list has been established already since we were only planning on something small – close family and friends. Since that was out of the way, we worked on sorting out tables and what kinds of things we needs to do, ask, call about, research , etc.
In terms of a ceremony / reception situation; Chris and I have already decided that we would simply like to go to City Hall for the ceremony, preferably the day before the planned reception. Thanks to Chris’ Mother’s connections, we have already booked the reception at the Italian Hall where a family friend works for Saturday September 7th, 2019 at 4:00pm. There are still a few details to sort out still, but the date is set and the place is booked! Another one of the things that Ferah and I did today was make a quick list of questions to ask the venue; setup decorations, water, times, etc.
In the meantime, Chris and I have been working on invitations and they are due to go within the next couple of weeks which gives everyone just about three months! We are just gathering the last of the addresses we need in order to mail out some good old-fashioned invitations.

What we found today:
Through our adventures today, we actually didn’t spend a whole lot of money, but still found a few noteworthy items;

The t-shirt is quite possibly my favourite find, as seen above. I found the shirt for my godson to wear to my wedding! I think he’ll look so handsome, even though the truth is; I’m also obsessed with pineapples. Ferah mentioned suspenders and beige pants, which sounds like most complete look for a young man going to his godmother’s wedding – perfect!
The notes are sweet, even though we only managed to find 3 packs of 8 cards (24 total), they were on discount and cost us all of $6 total. Even if we find different designs, but a similar type of card – done! Never mind, it’s not like everyone who comes fills out their card and leaves a note for the Newlyweds.
The last find was a very 2019 – alternative to a guest book. I’ve seen similar things on Pintrest and what not, so this was an exciting find! I’m also pretty sure it was less than $20 total.

In Summary, we have;
– made a list of questions to ask the venue
– made a rough draft of the seating (table sorting)
– found a “guest book”
– got Iden a shirt to wear
– found something to solicit “Notes for the Newlyweds”
– made a list of other things to do for the reception (make playlists, sort out photography, clothing, signs, etc.

One of the things listed on one of the aforementioned lists, was “Jenny – Cake”?;
Since I started writing this, I have reached out and we have a date planned for this coming Tuesday to discuss cake and all things wedding! Updates coming soon – stayed tuned!

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