The Wedding Journal – Part 2

Overwhelming is exactly how I would describe wedding planning – never mind planning one in less than 3 months. Welcome to the Wedding Journal Part 2.

Quite a few things have happened since our last post. We’ve found a few more items for the wedding, booked all the things and I even said yes to the dress. We’ve been busy girls. (And I’ve been procrastinating this post.)

The Invitations:
First things, first; we had to get those invitations out! This wasn’t going to be a long engagement, so we needed to get to work and the first thing to do was to figure out dinner and what we wanted to do with our family, book it – so that we could set a date – and then send out those invitations ASAP.
Chris and I searched for something simple online that we could order within a few days after customizing with our details. Vista Print was the winner – I think he paid less than $50 all said and done. I also made an insert to include with the invitations to invite a few extra people to our ceremony, set to take the place the day before our reception.

The Cake:
Last we left off, Ferah and I were planning to meet with my friend Jenny. She used to own a bakery with her Mom so she seemed the perfect person to enlist for a simple and tasty wedding cake. We met her for some Starbucks and got to work, discussing all kinds of cakes and consulting Pintrest for some inspiration in design.
Jenny ended up recommending a Swiss meringue buttercream on top of a tiramisu cake – Chris’ favourite. What attracted us most was the simple white cakes with some flowers to decorate the sides, and about 2 to 3 tiers in height. Total guests; maybe 65? Give or take – so let’s prep for a cake for 70, that should be plenty. I don’t need to stash a bunch in my freezer or anything, lol.
As for the topper, that was another thing that we acquired recently when I gave the idea to Chris. I came across something similar on Pinterst; he located the perfect match! A silhouette of two people atop a cake kissing, with a husky sitting behind them. Every cake topper we found out on our adventures always had brown hair – Chris is a ginger and those kind of toppers didn’t seem to exist. The silhouette was even better and it came with a dog; sold!

The Dress:
Me and some of my favourite women spent Father’s Day together shopping for dresses! It was the first day where Ferah and I could both go and no one had to worry about tiny humans. I had managed to schedule 2 appointments that day, which is hindsight, was plenty. The first appointment was at a small bridal consignment shop downtown St. Catharines. Gorgeous gowns, and a great place to start since I had no idea what to expect. I ended up finding a dress there that I liked, but the price tag didn’t agree with my budget. Off we went to our second appointment, David’s bridal in Hamilton. Here, I ended up finding a dress very similar to the one I had first fallen in love with at the consignment store – it was about half the price though, much better. I said yes to the dress and ordered it for pick-up so that I could come back for the alterations. As for shoes, all I could think of was how comfortable I wanted to be. Since Converse All-Stars are my favourite shoe, I decided I would go with an all white canvas shoe.

The Centre Pieces:
Confession – I love pineapples! So had I to find a way to incorporate them into our wedding. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of extra money on flowers on every table, but I did want to be a bit creative. Ferah and I came up with pineapples, spray painted gold, atop a giant green leaf, next to a lantern (or light) of some sort. We decided to put a tag on the pineapples for the table numbers and then we found some tiny chalkboard signs to write our hash tag on. I really want to encourage my guests to take as many pictures as possible and what a better way to find them then using a hashtag! It’s 2019! That said, we haven’t decided on said hashtag yet – stay tuned. 

More Stuff:
Over the last month or so, Ferah and I have also met up as our schedules have allowed to shop around and continue to scope out all the things we’ll need to complete this wild event. As of right now, we have found our centre pieces – though there are just a few more details to sort out and finalize with those, still. We have also ordered a few more things here and there to complete our receiving line / guest entry table and we are just a few weeks away from the Bridal shower! Here’s some of the other stuff we’ve acquired;  
– A card box
– Photo-booth props
– Centre piece things
– Advice cards
– Date night cards

Coming up:
So much more has already happened as I write this – talk about procrastination. Another post will have to follow this one shortly, because so much has already happened – never mind, scheduled to happen. We are getting so close to the bridal shower and the wedding is not far behind. #stayedtuned

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