About Us

imageWe have been best friends since sometime around 2004 or so. Some might say even earlier, like grade 4.

We’ve always made an effort to stay current in each other’s life. Now, we’re putting ourselves out there in an effort to to be more productive together. We want to try some new things, experience life, make memories and share it all in the hopes that maybe we’ll inspire more friends to get busy doing the same.

If you enjoy trying new recipes, putting DIY projects that you find into action or maybe even some light reading, then you’ve come to the right space. Based on common interests, we hope to build a page documenting all the exciting new things that we try together. From recipes that we find online and attempt to make ourselves, to crazy Pinterest ideas that we put into action.  We’ll give you all the nitty-gritty details and tell you how things turned out… or maybe they didn’t. #experiences


“Two chicks tackling adulthood together.”
“Friends continuing to grow through experience.”
“Chicks being productive-ish”


If you have something that you think we should try out, send us a message and a link and we’ll give it a go!

– Ferah and Kristen